Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Ramblings

All of the random thoughts racing around in my head right now -

*I am seriously considering "breaking" or throwing away one of my cereal bowls, because I have 11 of them, which means there is NO way to make even stacks. And that really bothers me. Waaay more than it should. Every time I unload the dishwasher or look in that cupboard, I cringe. I've been looking for those same dishes, just so I can add one more bowl, but have had ZERO luck. So instead, I think I'm going to hide it in the garage or something, so that my stacks will be even and if I happen to break another one, I will have a replacement to bring it back to an even number. On that same note, I'm buying another entire set of my glasses because one is broken and that, too, is driving me crazy. I know, I'm ridiculous. And seriously OCD. But only with specific things.

*I just glanced over at my nightstand, and it is ridiculous. You'd think with as OCD as I am about the bowls and glasses, I would care a little more about the fact that I have 5, yes FIVE, half full coke cans sitting there. That has always been my father/roommate/husband/boyfriend 's biggest pet peeve. I am 100% guilty of opening a can of soda, or pouring a glass of juice or tea or whatever, taking 2 drinks, and then leaving it there and not touching it again. I know. It's wasteful. And I should stop it. I've tried. I get distracted, and forget about it. By the time I get back to it, it's either been over 3 hours, which is just yucky, or it's been long enough that it's gotten warm or the ice has melted. In either case, I refuse to touch it again. Really, this is something I'm going to work on. But no promises.

(Time out to go take all the cans and dump them out in the kitchen, only to grab a new one out of the fridge and take 2 sips before setting it back on the nightstand and returning to my blog...)

*I still don't know if I've gotten into UT Austin. And it is driving me NUTS! If the University keeps track of the number of logins to the admission website, I should be admitted simply for dedication and enthusiasm. At this point, I'd rather they just tell me NO than keep me waiting. Well, that's not true... I'd rather they just tell me yes and be done with it. It's mean to force a prospective student to jump through crazy hoops and spend hours sweating over admissions essays and resumes and then make them wait for 2 months while you kick around their entire future over doughnuts and coffee. That sucks.

*I need to do laundry. And dishes. And vaccuum. And pick everything up. I don't understand how my house can be completely immaculate when my parents walk in the door, and by Day 2 it is a disaster. And when I try to have the boys clean up their messes, my mom just keeps saying "Just enjoy them". Mother, I do enjoy my children. But I'd like to be able to enjoy them without 3 feet of toys and books and clothes and movies on the floor. Being able to find my children in the mess is crucial to enjoying them.

*Speaking of enjoying my children - the boys and I are baking and decorating Easter cookies tomorrow. Just because. Yay.

*I think that I have LDS. (Again, that's Little Dick Syndrome - it often goes hand in hand with beer drinking contests and big trucks) Obviously, I am 100% female. I always have been. However, I have this innate need to compete with men. I don't feel the need to compete with women. I just assume I'm better than them. Just kidding. Don't stop reading :) Really, I just don't feel the need to compete with women. I grew up in a very male dominated world, and learned early on that if I want to get anywhere, it's men that I need to beat out. So I do. In academics. In intelligence. In "stuff" (ie my truck that is just about the be lifted 11 inches). Anything that can be a competition, I make it one. And then I challenge a man to it. And I usually beat them. It's an issue. I think I need to look into this one...

*I need sleep. Lots of sleep. I live perpetually exhausted. Ugh...

Ok, those are my random thoughts of this evening... Goodnight friends!

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  1. I'm totally with you on the bowls issue!! I am sooo into symmetry & it would drive me crazy to have an uneven number!! Everything has to be symmetrical in my world.

    I could never leave out food or beverages. I am sooo uber paranoid about bugs. Roaches are my biggest fear!! I won't have anything around that could possibly attract them. Dustan will leave his empty fast food wrappers on the floor [in the bag] when I am out of town and he KNOWS they better be picked up and taken out before I get back! If I find them, he's in the dog house for WEEKS.

    You ARE better than most females & you KNOW it!