Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me Monday...

"Not Me" Monday's were created by MckMama. Enjoy mine, and then jump over to her blog to read what other "Not Me-ers" are doing!

It was NOT me who went out and had entirely too much to drink Saturday in the spirit of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. It wasn't me who was unable to turn down the free alcohol and therefore ended up ridiculously drunk. It also wasn't me who walked all the way back to the truck barefoot.

It was also not me that looked at my alarm clock on Sunday morning, and promptly decided that we would be skipping church this weekend. And of course, that decision had nothing to do with the night before.

Finally, it was NOT me who, upon getting out of bed, discovered everyone lounging on the couch and my entire house in shambles, including an overturned bowl of fruit loops on the floor and milk EVERYWHERE. (I would have taken pictures, but I was waaaay too unhappy at that point) And of course, being the responsible parent that I am, I did NOT grab my truck keys and my gun, and tell my children and boyfriend in a not exactly nice way that I was leaving, and the house had better be fixed when I got back. I did not then go take my aggression out on the targets at the shooting range, and come back to a - mostly - clean house and children who looked like the fear of God had been put in them...

I guess it's true, when Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy...

What did you NOT do today?

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  1. You didn't walk all the way back to the truck... I carried you a few times... And you needed mommy time so it's ok that we cleaned the house... The fruit loop incident finally gave me and jc that bond I've been longing to find and last but not least you won't be home with us for four days... We needed the Sunday morning in bed.... You are amazing in everything you do so just be thankful you have three men in your life that realize if momma ain't happy ain't no one happy .... Especially when momma pack heat in the form of a .40 caliber s and w springield armory o.d. Green that is dead on! We love you oh and btw I forgot that wasn't you so if you ever do any of that it's ok we all need our downtime and I sure could learn a lot from you