Friday, March 26, 2010

Failure... And Success

So, for one, I failed again at my resolution... yesterday was sleep deprivation and Italian food. No bueno. So apparently the biggest challenge isn't going to be completing the 30 Day Shred, it's going to be starting the damn thing.

Awesome. Go Bri.

However, it is Friday. Friday is a happy day. Mostly because it means I don't have to come to come to work for 2 whole days once I leave today. And hopefully before long I will be able to enjoy Friday as a work free day as well.

How!? You ask. How is it possible that a girl who works 50 hours a week and pretty much kills herself at a crazy job with an extreme boss can possibly get Fridays off?

Simple. I asked for it. Or more specifically, I went in and had a talk with him and told him the way I saw it, there were 2 ways this working relationship could continue to function: Either he gives me a significant raise to justify the fact that I am away from home 13 + hours a day or he keeps my pay as is and gives me Fridays off. Short of one of those two, I'm done. I was much more convincing than that, but that was the jist of the conversation.

Honestly, I was completely terrified to confront him about this. People don't intimidate me. Men espeically don't intimidate me. He however, scares the hell out of me. I think it's the instability and the fact that I can't predict a damn thing he's going to do.

But I'm glad I did. Because I feel totally taken advantage of right now, and that isn't helping anyone. I'm losing motivation quickly. I came into this job ready to kick ass and take names. With the promise of performance reviews that could result in raises at 3 and 6 months. Guess what? It's been a year, and there has been no review. And there should've been, because I've done an AMAZING job. I'm not trying to brag, but I am really good at what I do. I took a disaster of an accounting department that had we ever gotten audited would've failed miserably and turned it around into a well oiled machine. I corrected all the taxes that had been wrong for the last 3 years and saved the company thousands of dollars in IRS fees and penalties. I also took over all of Human Resources, and have brought that up to date and made it function as well. I've tackled problem after problem, and found some very creative solutions. I run the entirety of the day to day financial operations of the company. All of them. For all locations. And then am also the HR manager on the side. When someone is hired or fired, I deal with it. All invoicing and payments? My department. Credits, write offs, new vehicle licensing, inventory, employee reviews, financial reports, insurance, payroll, rebates, updating customer webportals, monthly vendor reports, unemployment, taxes, and audits? You guessed it. All me. I work HARD. I'm just asking that this hard work be noticed and appreciated. And I am not feeling appreciated.

But, after our conversation yesterday, I'm hoping some things will change. The boss said he would think about what I proposed and get back to me. So we'll see. I'm really optimistic that there will be some positive outcomes. And if not, then it's time to start looking hard for something else.

Either way, things will change. And that's what I need right now.

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