Friday, May 29, 2015

My Heart Is Broken

I haven't touched this blog in over 2 years. In fact, I had actually deactivated it.

But today, I'm changing that. Because my heart is broken for my child and I need some help.

Imagine this:

Last Tuesday was yearbook signing. SUPER exciting. This is the first year that JC (who is 12 and in Middle School now) has had a yearbook, and he was eagerly anticipating signing day.

My son came home that day absolutely crushed. NOT ONE PERSON would sign his yearbook.

Not one.

Now, my son has always been "different". He is off the charts smart, but very socially awkward. He has no problem holding an intelligent conversation with any adult (and by intelligent, I mean he will school you at almost any educational subject), however interacting with his peers is hard. When he was in 1st grade, he was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. He struggles to understand what is appropriate in social interactions with kids his age, but he tries SO hard. He is loyal and caring and honest to a fault. He believes in justice and doing what's right, and when he thinks something is unfair, he speaks up.

This is apparently what got him in trouble.

JC has never had many friends, but there are a few boys that he has gotten close to over the school year. A couple of weeks ago, a group of kids, including JC's two friends, were making fun of another child in the lunchroom. JC stepped in and told the bullying group to leave the child alone.

When JC told me about this, I was SO proud of him. Standing up for someone else is hard, but it's exactly who my son is. I wish I could take credit for his actions, but he is better person than me, and I have so much respect for him because of it.

However, even noble actions have consequences. And for my son, the consequence was that the group of kids he told to stop bullying the other child decided to go around to the ENTIRE 6th grade class and tell them not to be friends with my son, and that if anyone signed JC's yearbook, then they would be a target also.

And every single child followed along.

Not one person would stand up for my son. Even the one friend that my son has from Boy Scouts refused to sign his yearbook because, as my son told it "He was standing close to one of the boys who told everyone not to sign it, and if he did, he wouldn't have any friends either, so I understand".

This breaks my heart. I cried. And I got angry. And I cried some more.

How can people be so cruel? Where do 12 year olds learn such meanness? And how do we fix it?

I realize I can't. Not by myself.

But I can make a difference for my son. With your help.

I want him to know that he is special, and loved, and important. And that people do care.

I want him to look at his 6th Grade Yearbook and see happiness and love, not the cruelty of children.

So, I'm asking that you please take a minute to write him a "yearbook note", and send it.

It can be one sentence on a Post-It Note. Or an elegant letter on stationary. It doesn't matter. Just something that says "you're valuable and people do care". Something we can place in his yearbook. I want it to be full of notes from people. Those he knows and those he doesn't.

Please take a minute and send a note, a postcard, a picture. Anything uplifting and encouraging. You will literally be making a huge difference in the life of a child. My child. And I will be eternally grateful to you for it.

The address to send the notes to is:

Jamesen G.
PO Box 820
Windsor, CO 80550

If you can't afford postage, send me a text or e-mail, and I'm happy to send you the stamps. This isn't about money, this is about showing my son the good in people, the good in life, and that being exactly who he is is just fine. Better than fine, in fact.

Thank you, my friends. This means the world to me.


  1. I'll send a postcard from NYC. :-)

  2. I love that you are doing this. Your mama's heart is beautiful! We'll send some AZ love his way :)

  3. Hi there,
    Would love to send a note. I was bullied terribly all the way through school and can confirm that you most definitely can overcome it. Would just like to check that I should send it to JC, that's how he's known? Want to ensure the note is personalized the right way. : ) My heart goes out to you and your son; and you are a fantastic Mum for speaking out and caring. Too many parents are apathetic about parenting so just know you are doing so much just by being engaged.

    1. Hi Sarah, he usually goes by Jamesen. I use JC here on the blog for ease purposes :) Thank you for your kind words and I know he will love to receive a note from you!