Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting in the Spirit...

Easter is almost here... which to our family means Easter Egg Hunts, Sugar Cookies, and - new this year, thanks to my Ariel - Bunny Cakes. We had a blast making cookies and creating the cake. *Disclaimer - I have ZERO creative talent, so most of the ideas were stolen and replicated*

I had lots of "help" doing all of it. So while my Type A personality wanted to make it perfect, the mom in me allowed the boys to do it their way. And it all turned out pretty cute...

KK decorating his Easter Cookie Eggs... the boy likes sprinkles

JC showing off his works of art

Some of our amazing creations

The extent of my creativity - no copying needed lol

Our bunny cake cut outs (it looks like it has a scary disease, but those are sprinkles in the cake)

Icing the cake while KK supervises closely

Our completed bunny cake... (We would have pretzel stick wiskers, but my quick motorcycle run to get them turned into a disaster)

Pretty cute!

Now, if only the boys had mentioned BEFORE we started this endeavor that they don't like coconut... Oh well, the guys at work enjoyed the cake!

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