Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday

For all the embarassing, silly, or shameful things that we "don't" do, MckMama has created Not Me Mondays. Read mine, then jump over to her's to check out some others!

        I do NOT own a 2001 Kawasaki Ninja that I absolutely adore.

This bike is NOT absolutely my pride and joy. And I am always careful and never do anything stupid daredevilish on it.

I did NOT take it out for a quick ride yesterday without doing a pre-ride check to make sure everything was ok.

This did NOT cause me to run out of gas miles from home.

I did NOT spend an hour hoping someone would answer their phone to come rescue me before resigning myself to the fact that I was going to be walking a few miles.

I was NOT so mad that I threw Cadberry Eggs into the middle of road because they were melting in my hands and getting on my nerves. And of course it didn't make me feel better to watch them get run over by oncoming traffic :)

I did NOT have 9 different creepy guys stop and offer me a ride during my walk, all of which I turned down. Further proof that a) I definitly need a concealed handgun license and b) I've gotten slightly smarter since my running around the country with truckers days.

I did NOT discover after the fact that my bike has a reserve tank and all I had to do was flip a switch in order to have another gallon of gas that would have gotten me to the gas station.

You learn something new everyday...


  1. Glad you learned something new that can save a long walk in the future but...did the walk and the tossing away of the Cadbury eggs kick start the 30-day shred? :)

  2. Oh no, it had another tank. That's too funny, sorry to say :). I am glad you figured it out! :)