Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It's been a few weeks since I wrote a Thankful Thursday... It's about time to take a moment and remember the good in my life.

I am thankful for...

...the Texas Longhorns. I was a fan since waaay before I moved to Houston, but it's fun to be in a town where pretty much everybody adores them. I'll be SUPER thankful if they win tonight, too!

Texas Longhorns Pictures, Images and Photos ability to fix things all by myself. My washing machine decided to completely stop working today, and I was so unhappy. I don't know a dang thing about washing machine repair, and I certainly don't have the money to pay someone to come fix it, so I was less than thrilled. But once I got over my little pity party (ok, to be honest, after I actually kicked the washing machine several times and then got over my pity party) I decided to see what I could do about fixing it. So I googled "washing machine troubleshooting" and got some ideas about what might be wrong. I then found a screw driver, figured out how to turn the water and electricity to the washer off, and set to it. Within 10 minutes, I had it in pieces and discovered what the problem was. 10 minutes after that, I was able to ghetto rig it enough that I can wash clothes, and ordered the part online to replace the broken one. Yay for me. It's a super good feeling. I am more competent than I give myself credit for.

... a brain. I really like being intelligent. I like solving problems. I like challenges. The last few days I've been working on taxes and payroll and all sorts of really interesting things at work. I like working hard and finding new solutions. It gives me a sense of self worth, and like I'm really doing something. It also makes those 11 hour workdays go much faster and smoother.

...the ability of people to grow and change and become who they want to be. Life is not stagnant. It is always moving and flowing and changing. And the people in it are constantly reinventing themselves. Who a person was is not who they have to be. Everyone has an option, and a choice, and an opportunity. Even me.

... living in the land of the free. I think so often I take that privilege forgranted. I sometimes forget the price that was paid to make that possible. I am sooooo grateful for all the servicemen and women who make it possible for me to raise my babies in this great country.

remember their sacrifice
Soldier comments and graphics

Life is beautiful. Even when it's hard.

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