Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me Monday... where we all confess to all of the things that we "haven't done". Check out mine, and then jump over to MckMama's blog for more...

It was NOT me who opened my refrigerator today and discovered that I haven't been shopping in weeks. This is what I found...

Eggs? Nope. Milk? Nonexistent. Veggies? Yea right.

However, this is what I DON'T have in my fridge -

1 giant bottle of Patron Silver A girl's gotta have her margaritas
A fridge pack of Dr Pepper Not even diet - shame on me
A birthday cake with REAL icing I ate a HUGE piece with a icing rose
A white chocolate raspberry brulee cheesecake WOW
Chocolate, in about 15 different forms I work for a specialty foods company - what do you expect
Wine x 4 bottles Mmmmhhhhhmmmm... new found love for wine is obvious
Beer Still a little country in all this sophistication
Toffee Totally my weakness - Even in the picture, it's screaming "EAT ME"
Peanut Butter Pie From Friday's - So can't help it.

Wow. I am not ASHAMED of my hormonal, binge drinking college student fridge. I think some serious grocery shopping needs to happen.

I also did NOT turn my birthday into an entire weekend celebration. I did not completely freak out about turning 26. And I certainly did NOT stay in bed until noon on my birthday sleeping off the wild night before.

Oh - and GUESS what?!?! I am NOT going to New York City to see Michael Bublé in March!

Ok, YES I AM. And I am SO excited!!!!

Getting old isn't so bad :) Life is beautiful!

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