Monday, January 11, 2010

Plenty of Ideas... Zero Direction

Wow - so much to say - but I guess I need to pick a topic...

For starters, this is what I am currently having for dinner...

Yep, that is exactly what it looks like. Blueberries and cream and a glass of sparkling wine. Actually, it's my second glass of wine this evening.

I'm thinking I might need to start counting calories in wine by the bottle. It might be more efficient for me lol. Although, my 1000 calorie a day diet is gonna take a hit. I have given up my first love though - so you have to cut me a little slack :)

It's just been one of those days. I worked 12 hours. I dealt with a pain in the ass daycare. I got some icky medical info. I tried really hard to follow my diet, and only sorta succeeded. It's just been super hectic, and my head is still spinning...

I have no idea where I'm headed, what I'm doing, what my plans are. I do know I'm alone in Houston, Texas. I know I have lots of options, but no direction. That's a seriously difficult place to be. Because the life choices that I have to make require me to be all in. Whatever I decide to do, I have to be 100% invested. This isn't a try before you buy kinda deal.

Some of the things I'm kickin' around at the moment...

*Getting an MBA from University of Texas

*Just up and randomly moving back home to Colorado, Heck, I moved here on a whim.

*Getting married. (Yes, I'm currently single)

*Law school. Yea, seriously.

*Moving somewhere tropical and bartending in a cabana on the beach.

Ok, the last one is less serious than the other 4. But no lies, I'm considering them all. Like I said, plenty of ideas. No direction. Ugh. I have some opinions on this issue, but that's a blog I'm still working on. Look for it shortly.

In the meantime, I'll even take minipurpose. Minor direction. Something inspiring.

For the moment though, I do have to show off my boys' and my latest mini adventure...

Yes, we are building a model car and a model airplane. Yes, that is an exacto knife. No, I haven't the slightest clue what I'm doing. But it seems to be working, and the boys love it. Tomorrow we're going to figure out how to put wheels on the plane (trust me, I'm open to suggestions here) and we're going to paint. I'm sure there will be pictures.

Well, I'm off to finish my wine, hop in the shower, and enjoy a little CSI before I crash. This was probably the most A.D.D. blog I have written thus far. But I'll expand on all of it later... promise.

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  1. you sound kinda like me - i could totally move in a second (i was actually planning to move before my hubby & i got in touch!)- though i probably never will move (except in the same city) b/c my hubby wants to be here! (Which if fine too)

    & i have no idea what to do, still. i'm a secretery but do not want to go back to school. but do not want to be a secretery either.

    ... hmmm

    thanks for your comment on my blog, btw! :)