Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

We are a WEEK from Thanksgiving... I can't BELIEVE how time flies... It feels like only a few weeks ago that we were in the throws of summer, trying to survive in 110 degree weather and hanging out by the pool every weekend in search of relief. Now we're only 35 days away from Christmas!

So, in the soon to be Thanksgiving spirit, I am thankful for...

  • having my motorcycle back and semi-working! So the situation isn't ideal, but it could be SO much worse. At least I have the ability to take it out of my garage and on a ride, and it's only going to get better! YAY!

  • my parents coming for Thanksgiving. I realize that people who know me think that's CRAZY, but it's really true. I am super excited about getting to spend time with my parents. We have gotten a lot closer over the last year, and I'm grateful for that too. (And guess what - for the record, it wasn't them that changed)

  • Google. I really don't know how I would survive without being able to look things up on the internet or my phone at any given second. I'm totally spoiled by technology, and I LOVE it.

  • the way that God works in unexpected ways. I had no idea what was just around the corner, and it's amazing what happens when you just learn to trust and follow. God loves his children, and wants what is absolutely best for them. I love that!

  • hot bubble baths. It's my way of relaxing and getting myself together and just being able to take a deep breath. Actually, after those couple days this summer, I'm grateful for ALL hot water. And electricity.

Life truly is beautiful. Sometimes you just have to look beneath the surface to find it!

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