Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday... honestly, I'm not feeling very thankful right now. Which is exactly why I need to do this. I need to put aside my frustration and exhaustion and lonliness, and simply appreciate the goodness in my life... Here goes...

I'm thankful that I have a good job that provides for my family. I'm blessed to be where I am, and am grateful to be able to earn a good living for my boys and myself.

I'm thankful that my motorcycle is almost fixed. I'm so ready to jump on and feel the wind against my body as I'm rushing down the road at full speed. It's one of those things that just makes me feel ALIVE. And happy. I'm so glad that it will be fixed soon.

I'm thankful for caffeine. In many forms. I really am. I'm not sure how I would manage to get through such long and completely exhausting days without my coffee and coke and 5 hour energy. YAY for caffeine highs - even if they are temporary and I'm pretty sure I'm addicted.

I'm thankful for the differences in my children. I appreciate how the 2 of them see the world through entirely different perspectives, and are growing into 2 very different people. I'm grateful to be the one to help develop and shape those personalities. I'm also very thankful that children are resilient, and that my many mistakes and mis-steps have not broken them.

I'm thankful for darkness coming early. It helps me to get the boys in bed earlier, and gives me a chance to finally sleep a little bit. Sleep is so foreign to me these days, that I truly appreciate every single moment of it.

I'm thankful that my heart is capable of true love. That I've experienced the awe and wonder and excitement of giving my heart and soul to another person. I'm grateful to know what that feels like, because when it comes again, I'll be ready.

I'm thankful for funny movies, frozen chocolates, nice weather, amazingly soft sheets, and an Ipod full of great music.

It's amazing what happens when you get outside yourself and simply look at all the good things around you. Sometimes I can be so self absorbed that I miss the blessings that God is trying to give me. Oftentimes it's when I step back and take a breath of fresh air, and just say "thank you" instead of trying to make things go the way I think they should, that they start to fall exactly into place.

Life really is good today.

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