Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Total Randomness...

*Apparently my last blog made someone unhappy. Because I lost a follower. Oh well. For the record, that is EXACTLY what I was talking about. Besides, I'm pretty sure most of y'all still love me :) A girl can hope anyway.

*I am sick. Not like a little cold sick. Like 103 fever, can't get out of bed, entire body aching, sick. Thus, the blogging at 11 AM. My little man was also really sick. Today is the first day he seems to finally be feeling better. So that's good news. We've spend a lot of time in bed the last couple days watching movies and eating popsicles. It's been the best I could do. I do, however, need to get my booty out of bed and go to my Music class. So I have an hour and a half. To motivate and shower and move. We shall see.

*My ex husband has randomly appeared out of the blue after 5 years, and wants to "be a dad" again. Huh? He actually started contacting me in August, but it was totally sporadic and he was basically being the same spineless, blaming, asshole he usually is (Really, it's my fault that you have chosen not to have anything to do with your son in 5 years? Try again), so I didn't think much of it. But the last couple of weeks have been a little different. He seems to maybe be taking some responsibility for his actions. He has stopped demanding things he is in no way entitled to, and has started to make reasonable requests. Like pictures. And sending a card for his birthday. Of course I haven't mentioned any of this to KK, because I hardly plan to put my poor child through any more pain with this man who sporadically shows up for 15 minutes and then disappears for the next few years. But I guess we'll see what happens. It's a process.

*I'm going HOME to COLORADO in 3 days. I am SO excited. Granted, it's only for 2 days. But I get to spend it with JC, and there is nothing better than that. The fact that life is going to totally suck when I get back because I have so many tests and projects due that next week is beside the point.

*I don't believe in love. Gasp. This isn't new information to me, but it may be to you. Just thought since I'm sharing, I'd share. :) I just don't believe in the concept. It doesn't make me cynical, just realistic.

*School is still stressful, but I'm surviving. I still have a 4.0 GPA. Don't plan on changing that. In fact, I would probably have a total mental breakdown if I did. I know, neurotic OCD control freak. Deal with it!

I'm going to drag my ass into the shower, have some hot tea, and try to make it to school in the next hour.

We'll talk soon!

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  1. Nice to see you around again! I'm glad things are going well for you in school. I really admire your work ethic and your drive... Seems like the time has really flown, too! Now, I am a little curious about your "not believing in love." I mean, you must believe in love to some degree, right? Because you have two beautiful sons and you LOVE them! Maybe you just don't believe in "falling in love" because most guys are douche bags? I would hate to think that such a wonderful person, as yourself, would say that she doesn't love. We all love in some way. Feel better. :)