Monday, November 15, 2010

Not That This Will Surprise Anyone Who Knows Me, But...

Further proof I am a natural blonde (In case there was any doubt)

So, as y’all already know… I’m smart. Super intelligent. Like 4.0, Honor Roll, and Mensa smart. Seriously.

But, I’m ALSO a blonde. Through and through. I figured I would share some evidence to this fact.

It will give you a good laugh or cause you to disown me. Maybe both :)

Here Goes...

Until I was a senior in high school, I seriously thought that Pearl Harbor was off the Florida Coast. Like out in the Caribbean somewhere. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why the Japanese would bother travelling all the way to the other side of the United States, or going all the way around the world, to attack us. Seriously. And I passed History. With an A.

In other things geographically challenged, I ALSO believed that Niagara Falls was in France. Don’t ask me where I get this shit.

Also, through all of high school, I could NOT figure out what the hell the big deal was with the youth in Asia. Whenever people talked about what a hot debate topic it was, I was completely dumbfounded because I couldn’t understand what the hell they were doing that kids in America weren’t. At one point I paid enough attention to figure out they were killing each other, but I still didn’t understand a) why this was a strictly Asian phenomenon and b) why I should care so much. Yep. Totally not kidding. Wow.

So, there you have it. I’m totally telling on myself :) Don’t be too harsh. I know it’s bad.

I’m going to go make myself feel better my acing a super difficult Governmental Accounting Test now!


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  1. You make me smile. :) Good luck on your test!