Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reason 419 Our Country is Screwed...

So have you heard? California is now going to give In-State college tuition to illegal immigrants!

Am I the only one who sees how completely absurd this is?

Giving in-state tuition (or welfare, or housing, or anything else for that matter) to illegal immigrants is ridiculous.

Why should they be entitled to in-state tuition at all? You have to be a LEGAL RESIDENT of the state to get that. And they aren't even a legal resident of our country. They shouldn't even be able to register for college here.

That seriously annoys me.

I can't get In-State tuition to a California college. Hell, I had to wait a year to get In-State Tuition to a Texas college. But people who aren't even supposed to be here can. Awesome.

It's like "Here you go - yes, technically you aren't even allowed to BE here, but we are going to give you free housing, food stamps, medical care, AND, as another added bonus for making it into our country illegally, cheap college tuition. Congratulations."

HELLO! No wonder we have millions of illegal immigrants. If another country offered ME all those perks just for jumping their borders, I just might take them up on it.


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