Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Seriously Messed Up World We Live In...

Only in America is it possible for a woman to become a babymaking factory and then profit off of it. It is absolutely ridiculous that people can make babies, get on welfare, get PAID for those babies, and then sit at home with their rent paid, food on their table, and full access to free medical care while those of us who choose to be productive members of society get to struggle to pay bills, take care of kids, and make ends meet.

I don't see anyone rushing to MY rescue when the monthly bills outweigh my income. No one brings me a free meal when money is tight. I can't take my kids to any doctor I please whenever they have the sniffles because the state will pick up the tab. It is STUPID that those people who CHOOSE to leech off of the government and the taxpayers have it easier than those of us who get up and work our asses off every day.

I'm a single mom with 2 kids. I don't get child support. I had my oldest son when I was 18 years old. I was a "juvenile delinquent" (I use that term very loosely, all things considered, but I did spend over 2 years in the system, so it applies) and a "ward of the state".

I could EASILY choose to let the government educate, feed, clothe, house, and care for my children while I kick back and do NOTHING. That would be easier than getting up at 5 A.M. everyday, getting my kids dressed and off to daycare so that I can work 10-12 hours, then pick up my boys, come home, and begin my other full time job of being a mother, cook, maid, tutor, dishwasher, laundry service, chauffeur, nurse, and many other random jobs. I have to make choices, sometimes difficult ones, about what we can and can't afford. What we will and won't have. Sometimes we do without. Period. It's the way it is.

My boys don't have health insurance. It's simply too expensive. After rent, clothes, food, and daycare are paid, there simply isn't enough left over for the $216 a week it would cost for medical coverage.

I do the best I can with what I have. So do THOUSANDS, or tens of thousands, of other people. I am by no means the only one. And I don't feel sorry for myself. In fact, I am PROUD of what I've accomplished. I am proud to say that I have done it on my own. That I'm not just another poor single parent on welfare.

But that doesn't mean it's easy. And that doesn't mean I don't work my ASS off for it everyday. And that also doesn't mean that it doesn't really piss me off that there are so many lazy, incompetent, unwilling people who live off the system. If I can do it, so can they.

So why the hell do they get a guaranteed roof over their head, food on their plates, and unlimited medical care for doing NOTHING?! Why are they rewarded for popping out children and then being unable (or OFTEN unwilling) to take care of them? Why do MY babies have to go without insurance and brand name shoes, while their kids get those things handed to them? Welfare kids are often better educated, better clothed, better fed, and definitely get better medical care than the children of hardworking middle class Americans.

Middle class America. It's beautiful really.

The solution seems to be a) get rich and be able to provide those things for yourself or b) give it all up - quit your job, rack up your credit cards, buy everything you want, pop out a bunch of kids, and then apply for welfare.

Because being in the middle SUCKS.


  1. It's so frustrating! I was in your position (only with 1 boy insteasd of two) before I met my husband. I will be praying for you. Soak in God's Word, serve the Lord and teach your boys to trust Him and remember our citizenship is in Heaven!
    Have you checked into CHIPS for you boys health care? I'm in MN and we have a similar program that covered my son. Here's the link:

    Am I right in thinking you're in Texas?

    Praying for you,

  2. COMPLETELY AGREE. I see it everyday b/c i work for a non-profit, except we work w/ elderly & disabled - getting them care in their homes. So some won't qualify & the reason they don't qualify is b/c they make too much money. And they'll say to me, all rude, WELL WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THEN!?!?!?! & i just want to say, "you are supposed to take care of your family like everyone else." My grandmother had a stroke & needs in-home care but she also doesn't make little enough to get it. So guess what? She pays someone out of pocket to watch her part-time & then her daughters (my mom & aunt) & her sister's family go the other hours & take care of her. It's the way it is. It sucks, but it's the way it is. You take care of your loved ones. Even the Bible says you are supposed to take care of your family, no matter what. Anyway, sorry to get on a high-horse, it just makes me crazy that these people insist the gov should pay for & take care of them, when really they just need to help the elderly or disabled in their famly like anyone else.

    I'm not saying it's easy - just that it's life!

    But thanks to you for not being one of those people.

  3. Have you looked into seeing if you qualify for Medicaid? You might. It's worth looking at. Also, I would definitely look into CHIPS for your boys like Redeemed says. There are programs out there that may be able to help! I'm sorry for the situation you are in... it's definitely hard to be "in the middle". :(

  4. Very well worded, kudos to you!