Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

Ever thrown everything in a closet just as the doorbell rang in order to present a clean house to guests? Or let laundry pile so high that you need a forklift to move it? For those of us who would never do these things, MckMama has created Not Me Monday. Read mine, and then jump over to her blog to enjoy other "Not Me's"! Happy Reading...

It is not me who is currently writing a blog instead of completing my entrance essays for the University of Texas. I would never procrastinate on something that is so important to my future. And it's certainly not me who is thinking "I can do them this weekend", knowing that they have to be turned in by March 1st, which is Monday. That leaves lots of time for editing and revising, especially since it's so crucial that it's perfect. Nice.

It is also not me who has been ridiculously sick for a week now, but who refuses to stay home from work because I just can't afford it. You have to love not getting PTO until after a YEAR of working for the company. So instead I get to drag my super sick butt to work everyday and be incredibly non-productive for a week at a time, when one day of total rest and recuperation could probably fix the issue and I'd be back to normal. Gotta love corporate America.

Finally, it is certainly not me who left the boys with a babysitter for a couple hours to go shoot my gun at the indoor shooting range. It's also not me who is an ah-maz-ing shot. Burglars and crazy exes beware :) Just sayin'... Although my ears are still ringing, and my hand is still bleeding from the gun shots. Totally worth it!


  1. Nothing worse than going to work sick. That sucks. Our job you don't collect leave until you've been there 6 months, but even then it's HARD to collect anything until you've been there quite awhile. UGH.

    I hope you are feeling better!

  2. Did you say your hand was bleeding from the gun shots? What kind of gun do you shoot that causes your hand to bleed? Goodness!