Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Me Monday!

For all of us who DON'T do things that are silly, embarrassing, irresponsible, or just plain ridiculous, MckMama has created Not Me Monday. Read mine, and then jump over to MckMama's blog to enjoy more things that we as women would NEVER do :)

I did NOT buy cupcakes from the store for my son's Valentine's Day party at daycare. I would NEVER pass up the opportunity to spend quality mother/son time baking and decorating cupcakes for hours just to have a clean kitchen and a decent's night sleep.

I also did NOT seriously consider taking the day off today, in the name of mental health. I would never fathom creating a tale to my boss about a sick child or non-working vehicle in order to avoid another 10 hour day of insanity and get a little R&R. Or worse, I would NEVER tell him what I really think - If it's good enough for the schools and banks to be closed, it should CERTAINLY be good enough for our little 30 person distribution operation to have a day off. What can I say? He's French. Apparently President's Day doesn't count!

Finally, I did NOT get home today to find my garage door up, and then proceed to stalk through my house with a loaded gun Mission Impossible style to make sure that no one was hiding in a closet or shower. I've known for a few days that someone in my neighborhood likely has their garage door coded the same as mine, so mine opens when their's does. And of course that stopped me from creeping through the house with my finger on the trigger of a 40 cal gun that I probably have no business owning anyway, hoping I didn't actually run into someone because I have NO idea what I would've done next. Shot them? Not likely. Dropped the gun and ended up shooting myself? Probably. But the theme music in my head and adrenaline pumping through my veins was pretty great :)


  1. Not me x 3! I would so never do any of those things either! (Excpet for the Valentine's party thing. I just didn't send ANYTHING!) :) Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog and your openness to blog about how you feel about political and moral issues! And your boys are fabulously adorable!!

  2. Awesome. I loved all of your not me's but especially the last one!

  3. That's hilarious! & how crazy they have the same garage code as yours?!