Monday, April 5, 2010

Not Me Monday...

For all the things we "didn't" do, MckMama created Not Me Mondays! Enjoy mine, then jump over to her blog for more.

I did NOT take last Friday off for my sanity. I am much more dilligent and responsible than that, and I would never allow my paycheck to shrink for the sake of a day without having to deal with an insane overzealous boss.

I did NOT allow my children to run through the water park fully clothed and without sunscreen over the weekend.
I am a responsible parent who always remembers the essentials like swimsuits and SPF 50 protection.

I did NOT get up super early on Sunday for Easter traditions and church, and then proceed to take a nap before cooking Easter dinner.

I would never miss out on the opportunity to spend quality time with family during the holidays to take advantage of a chance to sleep.

Finally, I did NOT beg my 5 year old to stop playing with his loose tooth because the very idea of teeth falling out makes me nauseous. I did NOT have a terrible experience with losing teeth as a child, and now shudder everything time my child opens his mouth and says "hey Mom, LOOK". Yuck!

What did you NOT do this week?

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