Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am sitting in front of a crackling fire (that I started ALL by myself - I'm so proud of myself) and sipping a glass of wine.

The boys are in bed. The laundry is *mostly* done. I am watching The Polar Express and, until 2 minutes ago, was working on my Christmas letter.
It's another Thankful Thursday, and there is PLENTY to be thankful for.
I am thankful for...
...having a REAL Christmas tree for the first time EVER. I've waited 25 years for this, and I LOVE it. Isn't is pretty? *I'm also thankful for the great guy who had the patience to put up with my mother and I spending an hour picking it out and then did all the work to load it and cut it and haul it in the house*
... the possibility of SNOW in HOUSTON tomorrow. It's amazing. And I am incredibly excited. It will be like a tiny piece of home.

... the ability to have children. I didn't think I wanted any more babies, ever. But after a couple of months ago when I thought I was going to lose that all together, I am so grateful that I can hopefully and Godwilling still have a child someday if I choose to.

... employees who keep me on my toes and keep me entertained. I love the guys who work for me. If I have to spend 8-10 hours a day with a group of guys, they are definitely the ones I would pick! It makes my job so much easier to be around people I consider friends.

... the inner strength I have only recently discovered that I have. I am so PROUD of the ability to be independent and take things in stride and do them myself. I can change lightbulbs, start fires, hang draperies, and even fix flats and kill bugs if I HAVE to. (Of course, I prefer not to do ANY of those things given the choice) But the point is I didn't think I could for a long time, and now I know that I can.

... music. It is such a gift. I love music. I love singing. I love performing. And I miss it. It's something I'm starting to seriously consider getting involved in again. Some of my BEST memories from the last 15 years involve music - London, CCC, Centralaires, junior high, singing in church, performing at the bar. All of it was pretty great, because it was just me being me, and doing something I love. And it's always nice to have something you're good at :)

... the little things. Pretty flowers, Midol, chocolate covered gummy bears, Precious Moments ornaments with tons of memories, taking pictures, hot bubble baths, warm blankets, and chilled wine.

Life is beautiful. Always.

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  1. so fun to hear about your journey! I hope I can see you at our little get-together while your here..that is, if I'm not having a baby :)