Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Bit Of Randomness

So, just a quick update on things around here... We're doing highlights since it's 1 AM, but I promise more complete stories later.

Tidbit #1 - I almost died. Yep. Apparently the wheel AND tire can randomly come completely off your truck at 60 MPH and go rolling down the highway without you. Yea, I didn't know this either. Until it happened. Good times.

Tidbit #2 - Fourth of July at the beach was FABULOUS. Gorgeous weather, cool water, yummy food, cold beer. Exactly what we needed. Yay.

Tidbit #3 - I started a business. Ha. Yep. Finally decided to make it official. I even have a website, but I'm keeping it a secret until it's exactly the way I want it. Then I'll share with you!

Tidbit #4 - My precious KK has a heart murmur. Don't freak out. It could be nothing. We are seeing a pediatric cardiologist to determine if it's serious. But some good karma or prayers or whatever you do would be awesome. Because, I am freaking out a little.

Tidbit #5 - JC will be here August 1st. And his dad is an idiot. This is not new information.

Tidbit #6 - I'm playing on a softball team. Co-ed. Rec. Super fun. Love it. Fun group of people.

Tidbit #7 - I've been doing some serious re-evaluation lately. Just putting things into perspective. Perspective is good, right? Sure!

Right now, I'm sore, tired, a bit grouchy, and a little tipsy. So it's bedtime. But stay tuned for the details.

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  1. Little Miss was born with a heart murmur and by her 6 month check up it had closed :) Sending good thoughts your way.