Monday, May 23, 2011

Light 'Em Up & Watch 'Em Burn

There are basically 4 types of people in this world...

  1. There are people who take shit. Lots of shit. All the time. They let people walk all over them. Whether it's to avoid confrontation or because of strong insecurities, these people take it over and over and over again. They become victims, and get stuck in a perpetual cycle of allowing people to take advantage of them or hurt them without repercussion.
  2. There are people who allow people to give them shit, but then find subtle or unobvious ways to get back at them. They are passive-aggressive, often being behind a retaliation, but making sure that no one knows it. These people may or may not have a high tolerance level for people's crap, but when that point is reached, there will be some kind of consequence. These are the kind of people who will slash your tires in the middle of night, or start rumors that can never be traced back to a source. The repercussions are annoying, inconvenient, and can cause problems, but you can never prove that the person is responsible.
  3. There are people who don't tolerate shit at all. At the slightest indication of someone disrespecting them, they will go off the deep end to prove their point. Often, this type of person is driven by anger, jealousy, and a smaller than average penis. Their retaliations are fast paced, thrown together, poorly planned  and executed, and often immature. But they can be effective in making people think twice before messing with the person, because people don't like dealing with a wild card. When you don't know what you're going to get, most people choose not to roll the dice, therefore, this person is able to maintain their ego and status with the threat of instant and intense retaliation.
  4. This type of person has a reasonable tolerance level for bullshit. They realize that some battles aren't worth fighting, so they choose revenge carefully. But, when pushed to that point, ALL bets are off. This is the type of person who will look you in the eyes, pour gasoline over your head, strike the match and stand there watching you burn. Everything they do is cool, calculated, and well planned. This person doesn't do things out of emotion, doesn't act irrationally, and makes sure every angle is covered before they make their move. Weeks, months, or years can pass between the time you cross this person and the time they burn you. But when they do, you will know. Everyone will know. And you will most certainly regret whatever you did to end up staring at this person's face while you are burning in front of them.
A word of advice - it's a really good idea to know what type of person you are dealing with before you start playing games with them. It's also a decent idea to realize the kind of person you are, and adjust accordingly.

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  1. What about #5? The kind of person who will take shit understanding that it won't ever stop coming from that person until someone takes it, forgives them and walks away. They don't blow up, take revenge, or seek to hurt. Those are the kinds of people who receive the least crap because people realize it is ineffective and useless.

    - Amanda