Friday, January 7, 2011

Random Rant Over... Back To Reality

So I was highly unhappy earlier... thus the blog post.

However, English Toffee, a hot bubble bath, and a good movie can cure a lot of things. So, mostly, I'm over it.

So we are replacing unhappy thoughts with happy thoughts. I took a psychology class once. So I could pretty much be a therapist. And in my psychoanalytical opinion (emphasis on psycho, probably), if you focus on the good, your life will seem better. If you focus on the bad, it will probably seem worse.

I could be the next Freud.


So, in the spirit of the good, here it is: Things that make me superbly happy. Enjoy!

These 2 boys ROCK.MY.WORLD!

The BEST friends a girl could ask for. My junior high crew.

Winning at bowling. Nevermind I was playing against my 2 kids and my partially handicapped father.
A win's a win, right?!

Iceskating with the boys. In Colorado. Outdoors. While it's snowing.
And keeping them off the ground. Bravo.

New Years Eve with one of the most amazing girls I've ever had the honor of being friends with.

Knowing there are people you can count on to have your back = PRICELESS!

I feel better already!


  1. I'm definitely the same...I can sit and dwell on something for DAYS if I'm in the right mood..but eventually I get to the point where I'm like damnit..I need to snap out of this and just get over it..think positively, put my nose down and just do what needs to be done and enjoy life!

    I like to pretend that I know psychology stuff too..but I actually did a degree in it..haha! Degree in Psychology and a degree in history...what was I thinking?! :P

    Looks like you had a great new years and you have lots of good photos of recent fun adventures! Definitely something to be thankful for! :)