Saturday, January 8, 2011

25 Random Things About Me

25 Random Facts About Me: AKA Everything you could have lived without knowing :)

1. I don't like chocolate icecream, or chocolate icing. But I LOVE chocolate.

2. I had a full ride scholarship to Tulane University in New Orleans to study medicine that I turned down to have my son and be a momma. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I made a different choice, but I have NEVER regretted it for a moment.

3. My two biggest pet peeves are people popping their knuckles and the sound of dial tones that you hear when someone uses speaker phone. Both drive me CRAZY.

4. I'm a natural blonde, but haven't actually had my hair it's natural color since I was 13. Sometimes this has been good, sometimes it has been VERY bad.

5. I spent my whole life in the Colorado/Wyoming area. Texas now feels like home.

6. I drink a lot. Probably more than I should. But definately less than I use to.

7. I love to cook. I HATE to clean up the ridiculous mess I create while doing it.

8. I spent 2 years of my teenage life locked up in juvenille detention facilities. I also have an FBI file because of that time period.

9. I would rather have cheesecake than just about anything else in the world.

10. I had an eating disorder in junior high and high school. Trust me, you couldn't tell now!

11. I would have been the valedictorian of my graduating class, except my high school refused to recognize superior academic acheivement for fear of it making others feel bad.

12. I love scary movies, but I can only watch them with someone next to me and a blanket covering my eyes, so I really don't see the scary parts.

13. I'm a huge flirt and love to flaunt, but I hated working in a strip club where that's what I was paid for.

14. I ran away and hitch hiked around the country with truckers when I was 16.

15. I can't stand cilantro. It is the WORST spice ever. And I can taste it even in tiny quantities.

16. I have 4 associates degrees. They don't equal a doctorate. It bites.

17. My dream car is a supercharged deep purple mustang with silver streaks and leather interior. I'm working on it.

18. I want to ride a bull and eat rocky mountain oysters. Preferably on the same day!

19. I am probably the most self conscious person in the world, but you would never know that by the way I act.

20. I love playing softball as much as I love shopping... that is a LOT

21. I've never been diagnosed, but I am absolutely positive I had ADD. My boyfriend and boss agree.

22. The best and most fulfilling job I have ever had is bartending. I love it.

23. Men randomly fall in love with me for pretty much no reason. I really don't understand it.

24. I'm ADDICTED to coke. The drink, not the drug.

25.My sister and I were once driving from Chicago to St Louis and ended up in Wisconsin. Seriously.


  1. Hahah - I LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking but I'm HORRIBLE at cleaning up after myself! My mom calls me the human tornado whenever I enter a's just like..WHAM! Erin's cooking? Look out for the mess! I don't know what happens..the food always ends up being good..but I make SUCH a of my best friends use to say that her job when I was cooking was to try and clean up or at least contain the mess that I left behind..haha! Another one of my best friends started 'cleaning up' while I was cooking and I had left the kitchen momentarily..and I came back and she had thrown away some of my prepped ingredients because she thought I was done with them..haha!!

    I also love cheesecake. Immensely.

    I wish I had men randomly falling in love with me! Actually..I'm not sure about that one now that I think about it...I'm really bad at hurting peoples feelings and I'm sure wouldn't fall back in love with all of them..or even any of them..ahh..I take it back!

    That's HILARIOUS about you ending up in Wisconsin...what a ridiculous(ly awesome!) story!

  2. Followed you over here from blogfrog. I love this post! #17 that is my dream car too. it does not have to be purple though it can be black. #25 It once took me 8 hours to drive to my brother's house which is about 50 minutes away. All of this because i didn't print out the mileage on the mapquest i get it.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I read your back story and some of the similarities are crazy. You talked about your time in the detention center and things needing to be fixed, I'm currently a psych major minoring in criminal justice just so I can work with kids in the system. I was married to someone that was abusive and when I finaly got out I was and still kind of am a single mom to my 2 boys.

  4. I love chocolate, but I hate hot cocoa or mocha! I enjoyed reading your list!