Tuesday, July 4, 2017


In case you actually give a fuck about the truth, instead of just believing whatever web of bullshit someone wants to feed you... here you go... I did the hard work for you, you just have to search for the truth. 

http://odyssey.mctx.org/Unsecured/default.aspx (Montgomery County, Texas) 

Use the above website links. 

Choose the "criminal records" link (for the top link). 

Put in the name of whomever you may be interested in finding info on in that county. (I recommend searching by LAST NAME ONLY. If you use first AND last, make sure to use the correct first and last name, as it doesn't recognize nicknames/middle names/etc. ). 


Be amazed by the truth you find. These are public records. Take it as you will.

You're welcome.

#TruthWins #CourtRecordsDontLieButPeopleSureFuckingDo

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