Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Let's Talk About...

Friends. Whores. Or better YET, whores who pretend to be friends.

Come on, you know the type... The girls in high school who would act like your best friend to your face, and then the second you walk away they are talking ridiculous shit. That girl who will pretend to listen to your relationship problems, and then f*ck your boyfriend behind your back. That girl who you REALLY want to believe is a better person than she actually is, but at the end of the day, she's just white trailer trash who can't seem to find a real relationship due to her shitty personality or huge ass, and instead spends her time spreading her legs for anyone brave enough to stick something in there ;)

Every high school had one. We all know who it was in our school.

I just didn't realize that these girls become sad, pathetic, 28 year old, uneducated whores living in trailers with multiple kids and STILL DOING THE SAME DAMN THING.

You would think at some point these poor girls would grow up. They would realize that being a backstabbing whore isn't a great life endeavor. And would accept that there comes a point where never being more than "the dirty (literally) little secret" isn't cute and fun and exciting, it's just nasty and gross. Being the kind of girl (and I use the word loosely when refering to almost 30 year olds) that guys are willing to sleep with as long as no one ever knows about is not cool. It does not make you a awesome. It makes you a whore that men are embarrased of even admitting they know. And allowing your poor children to watch this - you are ruining them for life.

I sincerely hope that you grow up. (After you get bitch slapped for being the whore you are.)

But until that point - please do the respectable people of the world a favor - and use condoms.

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