Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Your Day, In Great Detail

Ha. My day.
Yep, let's talk about that.

I chalk most of my days up to overall successes or failures.

If I hurt someone deeply, or did something I regretted, or didn't better myself as a person or help improve someone else's life, then that day is an overall failure.

If however, I accomplish something awesome, treat people with respect and dignity, make this world a better place for my children, or learn something that enhances my world, then the day is a success.

Well, today was a success. A HUGE success actually.

I learned who my real friends are. I found out who I can trust. I learned who I need in my life, and who I don't. I got rid of some baggage that had to go. I asserted my self-worth, and stood up for myself against someone trying to tear me down. I realized I am completely self-sufficient, and strong, and capable. This reminder is exactly what I needed.

Today I was reminded that you are treated the way you allow people to treat you. If you let people lie to you and take advantage to you and use you, they will. If you demand better, those kind of people will be removed from your life and you will have room in your world for people that deserve to be there.

Today, I tucked my babies in bed and kissed them goodnight and assured them that they were safe and secure, and that I would always be here to love them and take care of them. I reminded them that we, the Three Muskateers, would always have each other, and that would always be enough. I remembered that I AM enough, despite my insecurities as a mom that make me question myself. I reminded myself that I'm pretty good at this single momma thing, and that no matter what else I accomplish in my life, raising these 2 little guys to love others, love themselves, follow their dreams, and help others do the same is the MOST important job I will ever have.

Today I took a step towards my future. A better tomorrow than yesterday. I opened doors to new opportunities, new adventures, and new people. I'm letting go of the things that sour my life, and not looking back. When you wallow in the mud, you stay dirty. When you climb out of it and stay clean, it's amazing how much better life looks.

Today I remembered that I'm not responsible for all the shit that happens to me. But I AM responsible for my reactions. I realized that some people spend their lives bringing others down instead of bettering themselves, and the only way to not get sucked in is to stay high above them.

And I've learned that a whore is always a whore. A liar is always a liar. And a pig is always a pig - even if you give it a bath.

So today, I'd definitely count as a success.

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