Thursday, August 11, 2011


I actually tried googling "Why do I attract crazy people?"

Yep, nothing helpful.

Annoying. Amusing. A little creepy. But definitely NOT helpful.

I'm seriously open to suggestions here.

WHY do crazy people flock to me like magnets?

We aren't talking a little weird, or quirky, or strange.

I'm talking like 2 seconds away from a psychiatric hospital kind of crazy.

And it's not just guys I date. It's bosses, acquaintances, random people who feel the need to become strangely obsessed with me and then subsequently go nuts.


My lifetime friends can confirm that this has been happening since I was about 14, so this is definitely a repeating pattern. And one I seriously need to break.

So I'm asking, sincerely, what is it about me that attracts this kind of crazy?

Aside from locking myself in a padded cell, I'm going to continue to have these problems.

So it needs to be fixed. Soon.

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