Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Good News...

In roughly 4 hours 34 minutes and 18 seconds (but who is counting?) I will be DONE.WITH.CLASSES. For the semester.

This is fantastic news.

Although it seems a little anti-climatic when you consider the fact that I am looking down the barrel of 2 weeks of finals. But STILL.

This means no more projects. No more papers. No more listening to super boring lectures. For a MONTH.

This is cause for celebration.

Especially the going home to Colorado in 18 days part.

And the not waking up at 3 AM freaking out because I think I forgot to do an assignment that was due the next morning (Which, I never actually did. I'm just OCD like that.)

And the SLEEP. Hurray for the sleep!

I'm excited. I'm ready. I'm headed to class. But only for the next 4 hours and 29 minutes. Then...


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