Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random Thoughts of an Exhausted College Student


One. More. Final.

I am completely exhausted. 6 finals will do that to you. Making an "A" on all those finals will make you insane.

Trust me, I'm there.

I'm sooo there that I missed doing the last 20 questions of my Governmental Accounting Final today. Yep, seriously. Thank God my Prof is a badass and grabbed me before I left and let me finish it.

So here is what is currently going through my mind, created by exhaustion, relief, and a smidge of insanity:

*Why would a professor design a test with the intent for students to fail? Doesn't that say a lot about her teaching ability and interest in student success? Just because she hated our class due to the fact that we were constantly proving her wrong doesn't mean that our failure is going to help her.

*HOW is it possible that a peice of chocolate that weighs .4 oz can cause me to gain 2 pounds? It doesn't make sense, at all. Shouldn't the MAXIMUM amt of weight I'm able to gain be equal to the weight of the food?

*It's amazing how little sleep the body needs to (at least semi) function. I have enough caffeine in my body to power a small city for 24 hours. I adore the sugar free breve lattes and the Splenda based frappacuinos. HELLO low carb coffee fixes :) No lie, I think I'll need an intervention to get off this stuff.

*Total spent on USED books at the beginning of the semester: $974.20
  Total received for those books at buyback: $213.97
  Getting completely screwed by the monopoly bookstore: Priceless

*Colorado in T-Minus 6 days. Whoot whoot!

Ok, and that's all! I need literally 2 points on my final tomorrow to get an A. I think I can pull that off with very minimal effort.

I am going to post all the pretty pictures from this weekend though! Keep an eye out for it!

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  1. Oh, I agree, the campus bookstores are awful! Amazon, Half.com and E-bay are your friends there. After my first semester, I never bought a book full price again. Even if I wasn't able to sell it back to the bookstore because I hadn't purchased it there, I still saved money. Plus, I 'd often turn around and sell it on those sites again. Score! Yes, sometimes it was difficult to get the book requirements before the start of class, so I'd have to wait and be bookless (and visiting the library) for the first few weeks of class, but I always felt it was worth the $500+ I saved every semester. Plus, I was never shy about going in to the bookstore and writing down the titles/ISBN numbers. What's the worst they can do, throw you out? The employees are generally too wishy-washy to do that!

    OK, enough of my soapboxing. Congratulations on finishing the semester strong and have fun in CO! I'm jealous!!