Monday, April 30, 2012

Letting Go

If it's easy to let it go, you probably shouldn't have held onto it for so long.

Unfortunately, the reverse of that is not always true.

Just because some things are hard to let go of doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it anyway.

It's hard for an addict to put down the crack, but it's probably definitely in his best interest.

Take me, for example... I spend so much time needing to be validated that I allowed my self-worth to be determined by someone who probably shouldn't be allowed to decide what movie to watch. I got so caught up in holding onto a status quo, that I forgot to check if that status quo was good, or even healthy, for me.

I just wanted stability, for once in my life. Not "the one" true love, not a fairytale ending, not some impossible dream. Just stability. The irony is that I was searching for it from arguably the most unstable person I've ever known.

So for as smart as I am, I become a complete idiot when it comes to relationships.

However, I am pretty sure of one thing...

That stability I wanted so badly? I have it. By being able to walk through this unscathed, and pick up the pieces that someone attempted (unsuccessfully) to shatter, I have created my OWN stability.

Call me cocky, but that's my strongest asset... the ability to manage to always make it through okay. Without mental breakdowns or total destruction or mass casualty. That, my friends, is stability.

Not competely what I'm looking for but, right now, I'll take it.

Letting go is easy... that says a LOT

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