Monday, June 14, 2010

Just Had to Share...

So you know the "crazy, insane, work too many hours for not enough pay with a psycho Frenchman who thinks it is his personal obligation to tear every human being around him to shreds" job that I quit a few weeks ago?

Wellll.... Before I quit, they hired someone else and I spent 4 days training him. Showing him the ins and out of the approximately 5,393,204 things that I do for the company. I think all the work scared the hell out of him, but I really did try to paint it in the most positive light possible (Read - I didn't tell him about the crappy hours, crazy responsibilities, or psycho boss. I knew he would figure it out on his own soon enough.)

Today, however, I got a text from one of my former employees. Dude quit. He didn't even make it a MONTH. And he was making $10,000 more than me a year. He couldn't deal with the insanity. And there is lots of insanity!

Ha! For once I got to see Karma in action. And I have to admit, it was niiiice!

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