Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Remind Me Again...

...WHY I decided to give up a well paying, although slightly insane, job to be a broke ass college student?

...and what was I thinking when I decided to drop everything and move away from everyone I know to live by myself in a town where most people are barely old enough to drink, but spend most of their time doing just that?

...What is sooo great about a college degree anyway?

These have been my thoughts as I've been staying up until 2 or 3 A.M trying to get thing done for class.
School is KICKING. MY. ASS.

Not because it's hard. All the intellectual stuff comes easy. It's the projects. And the papers. And the required homeworks. And group projects. Can I just say that I would rather take a razorblade to my wrists than have anything to do with a group project? Because somehow I always end up being the one who does the whole damn thing just to make sure that my 4.0 stays in tack. There has to be other people out there that care about their grades. I just have never been able to be in a group with them.

I just keep telling myself "May. May. May. May. GRADUATION". I can totally hang in there until then.

Besides, it's always fun to sit and listen to the 18 year olds discuss the "real world". You know, drinking binges, frat parties, getting mommy and daddy to pay for whatever they want, barely passing classes... all the "finer" things in life. :) Was I that dumb when I was 18?!? Probably. It's amazing what almost a decade (and a couple of children) can do to your sense of what's important.

Anyways - I'm not complaining. Really. I'm blessed to have this opportunity to do what I'm doing. It's rough, but it's doable. Not to mention that walking into class at 10 AM in sweatpants beats a business suit and 7 AM meetings any day :)

I'll write more soon... off to MORE school stuff...


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  1. Because its your dream. Everyone is entitled to a shot at their dreams. It's a better life for the boys and it proves to everyone else that you ARE that amazing of a person! You can do this! Not EVEN 2 months left in thissemester and then you get a break for almost a month! That means a Denver Christmas, random trips to Houston or Dallas or San Antonio! Nights of dancing! And camping too! So keep impressing me and amazing me and don't give up because Ill be damned if I am not at the collesium with a large banner for you and the biggest air horn and cameras and balloons and roses and everything else when you walk across that stage!